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mi pinche vida
Pasumecha que onda numanchs
Bueno, es hora de el post tri-anual. Ya aprendí a hacer espagueti, y arroz rojo. Igual el Mario Kart 8 esta cool y lo odio. El Smash para 3DS sale como en 2 meses creo, o tal vez 3. Estaré viviendo con mi esposa en 10 días wooow. Sucedieron muchas cosas de emoción para rentar casa. ProjectM es el Smash que más juego ahora, utilizo a Lucas, mi nivel es un poco bajo, pero ojalá progrese (fui a un torneo y perdí todas, aún así no quedé en último equiobo). y eh seehh, estoy esperando a que se haga mi espagueti. .__ .__ .___ ____ | |__ |__| __| _/ ____ _/ ___ | | | | / __ | / _ ___ | Y | | / /_/ | ( ) ___ > |___| / |__| ____ | ____/ / / / (se supone que dice "chido" pero no sale, y los acentos no salen, y los saltos de línea tampoco bleeeeh). fin.

balik dari kampung...
Aku balik dari kampung.. keseorangan kembali... kadang rasa ada anak buah sangat seronok.. sebabkan riuh.. kadang masa hendak bersendirian..kadang terasa rindu pada anak buah aku.... apa pun jalani kehidupan ini..

Journey Through
Some days are better than others...
One cliche that is true with mental illness and treatment is; some days are better than others. Today started out a little rough, when you are in a mood and don't realize it you tend to think everyone else is in that mood. I saw pissy moods everywhere, and of course the boys did have little boy attitudes, but none the less the environment felt stressed. Tension was high at least for me, and then something broke and the day turned out to be better than I thought... Needless to say some days are just craptastic, and they stay that way. I think a lot of it has to do with the way you look at it but most times with me being not ok things are pretty cut and dry, black or white, ya know? Today's lesson relax...because some days will be better, but don't think that it will always be sunshine and rainbows because that is delusion and we don't want that.

Where did you go

The Common Ills
White House

Psst, White House If the White House knew how to play the 3-dimensional chess their groupies believe they can play, they'd be all over this. Next Wednesday, there's going to be an action in Iraq that, you can be sure, will be noted by Iraqi Christianss who are refugees in other countries and those who were granted citizenship in other countries. Aid to the Church in Need is one of the sponsors of the Global Day of Prayer for Peace -- The Feast of the Transfiguration. An envoy/representative sent to a gathering in the US would make a real difference in how the White House is being seen on this issue currently. Thursday, Deputy National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes met with leaders of the Chaldean and Assyrian Community. As we noted in yesterday's snapshot, that's one step, it's nothing all by itself. If the White House sends an envoy/rep to an American observance of the day, it needs to be someone more noted than Ben Rhodes. ... (more)

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